The Foundation for Civic Development "Nation of Leaders"

The Foundation for Civic Development "Nation of Leaders" - is an organization founded by Belarusians to support educational and research initiatives aimed at developing a strong civic society in a free and independent Belarus.

Our mission is to assist the rise of mature members of civil society.

Our organization was registered on 9 August 2021, the anniversary of the presidential elections that changed the country and its people. We set up a foundation to support projects that enlighten active citizens, uniting them in the pursuit of a healthy democratic state.

The founder: "I want my people to be self-confident, to feel empowered and to know how to improve their state. So that they can prosper and be the masters of their land as well as of their lives. It is important to me that Belarusians would want to come back to their homeland from emigration and feel proud of it!"

By supporting educational initiatives, we help Belarusians to keep up and continue their development in the spheres relevant to them, to raise the level of knowledge and skills needed to build their lives and the country as a whole.