Opinions on the projects of the "Nation of Leaders" foundation

Opinion of a participant of the course "Individual steps. Burnout prevention"
  • Thank you. With the help of your course, I have stepped out of the dark space of helplessness. I managed to catch my breath with my full chest, look around, understand myself and the people around me. I understood what my next step would be and in which direction I would be going. I can see the purpose and meaning. I have an idea what to do. Thank you.
Opinion of a participant of the "Self-organization" course
  • Thanks for the course. I am grateful to the host and the technical support. It was very useful. I liked the chat communication, how the participants shared their results and observations.
    You are wonderful people and I wish that all your dreams come true, habits formed and goals achieved :) The course helps to distract from what is outside the window, think about yourself and find the strength to survive. Thank you.
    Thank you for the organization at the highest level!
Opinion of a participant of the course "Rights of a citizen of Belarus"
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to feel a unique" super strength ""! It is very important to go consciously and in accordance with the algorithm, without unnecessary waste of time and resources, straight to the institution on which the solution of the problem depends.
    here is no achievement of the truth if we make incorrect movements that lead to the incompletion that has begun.
    Enough! The end! It's time to find out about your rights!
Opinion of a participant of the course "Individual steps. Burnout prevention"
  • You really took us by the hand and led us, and we let us lead. And it is valuable.
    I want to talk about it endlessly :) Although that's what I'm doing. How cool that I decided to give it a try! Thank you very much to the organizers and to you for the strength that we will use for the benefit of our country and our country!
    I hug in my mind and thank everyone.
Opinions of the participant of the "Self-organization" course
  • Looking at things from what I can and can't change has helped me a lot in reducing my stress levels. I continue to work on changing my habits. I understood very much how important it is to change negative habits into more acceptable actions. I'd like to advise prospective participants not to focus on failures and falls in learning. It's part of the process, after all.
Feedback from a participant of the "Anti-Propaganda" course
  • It's a very good idea to teach and share knowledge in this format for free. I'll be using your platform again and will subscribe to you everywhere.
Feedback from a participant in the "Emergency Psychological Help" course
  • I am very grateful for this course. Clear, structured, with examples and concrete instructions. Perhaps it's because I'm just interested in the subject, but the course was fascinating for me. And Elena creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere at the webinar, it is a pleasure to listen to her videos, and that is important for the perception of the subject.
Feedback from a participant in the "Purpose. Plan. Result." course
  • The course is great! I was able to sort myself out and achieve discipline. More and better to come! Good luck!
Feedback from a participant in the "Public Policy for Beginners" course
  • Thank you for a great course! The most valuable for me was the fellowship in a community of "concerned" people and, of course, the opportunity to talk directly to Pavel Usov. All this adds motivation to continue to understand the issues and problems in our politics.