Projects of Nation of Leaders Foundation

The foundation's main project  is the online hub for education and collaboration, "Nation of Leaders".

The project is engaged in the development of free educational materials that contribute to the development of personal qualities and skills of an active citizen. Once graduated, they become more capable of influencing the government system to transform Belarus into a democratic country."

The objectives of the project are:

1. To provide an opportunity for Belarusians to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for the development of their best qualities and the development of civil society:
- to work with their psychological state: from burnout to new life forces
- defense and assertion of their rights in labor, consumer, housing, education, health and ecology spheres
- self-management of oneself, one's life: goals, plans, achievements
- dealing with propaganda: developing critical thinking, fact-checking and the psychology of communication with those who believe in it
- principles, actors, tools of public policy
- business communication and public speaking
- and much more

2. to unite active citizens through a shared platform for exchange of experience, cooperation and mutual support

We aim to become a learning platform for the New Belarus, the school for adults.

Learn more about the educational materials of Nation of Leaders below

The Rights of the Citizen of Belarus

Participants of the online course acquire practical knowledge and strategies how to protect their rights in the spheres of housing and utilities, healthcare, environment, education, labour law and consumer rights.

The course addresses both personal situations of the participants and common violations of the rights of Belarusian citizens.

The author of the course is human rights defender Andrei Bodilev, a member of the Belarus Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Protection and an experienced volunteer.

Права гражданина Беларуси

  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to feel a special "superpower" in me! It is very important to follow the algorithm correctly and consciously, without wasting time and resources, go straight to the authorities on which the solution of the issue depends

Stepping stones. Overcoming burnout. Restoring human resources

The online course is designed to help you deal with the aftermath of massive psychological trauma, mobilise your inner resources, learn self-help techniques, develop awareness and personal growth. The key point is to learn how to independently maintain one's resources, cope with the influence of external circumstances and avoid ending up in an emotional and psychological crisis again.

The author of the course is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience. In each stream, several psychologists lead different groups in parallel, with different schedules for the convenience of the participants.

Participant's feedback:
  • This is a great course! You can feel it was created with love, by Belarusians for Belarusians! Today this course was very useful for me, a lot has become clearer, now I have tools and tips if it happens again.

Anti-propaganda - learn to work with facts and debunk myths

The course teaches how to work with facts and debunk myths, differentiate propaganda from true journalism, develop critical thinking, and provide communication techniques necessary to deal with people who are susceptible to propaganda.

The author of the course is a negotiation manager with more than 10 years of experience. The author of the subcourse "Psychologist Advice - How to talk to people affected by propaganda" is a counselling psychologist with more than 7 years of experience."

  • It's a very good idea to teach and give knowledge in this format for free. I will be using your platform again and will subscribe to you everywhere.
  • The course develops critical thinking and helped me to distinguish fakes and not to "drown" in the flood of news. Thank you for your hard work!

Emergency psychological help

The course teaches how to diagnose acute stress reactions, how to provide competent psychological help to victims of a traumatic event (adults and children), and how to define personal boundaries for volunteering. The course is useful for anyone wishing to help.

The author of the course is Elena Gribanova, a psychologist of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus with more than 16 years of experience.

  • I am very grateful for this course. Clear, structured, with examples and concrete instructions. Perhaps it's because I'm just interested in the subject, but the course was fascinating for me. And Elena creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere at the webinar, it is a pleasure to listen to her videos, and that is important for the perception of the subject.
  • I would like to thank you for my participation in the course. You covered very important issues about volunteer work and requirements for volunteering. I'll recommend the course to everyone I know. It is truly very important.

Objective. Plan. Result.

The online course designed for those who strive for achievements but have difficulty setting goals, managing time and preserving resources.

The course
helps to prioritize and realize personal goals, applying the tools to increase efficiency with preservation of resources while enjoying life.

Цель. План. Результат

  • This is actually a very workable tool, especially online diary, it motivates you to do at least a small, scrupulous step towards the goal and the chain of daily habits you have created is not broken, and this has turned out to be just what I need.
  • The course is great! I was able to sort myself out and achieve discipline. More and better to come! Good luck!

Public Policy for Beginners

The online course helps you learn about the basics of public policy: government management, civil society, the social state, local government and self-government, bureaucracy and corruption.

The course helps you to assess the current situation, try to understand how you can influence it and determine your role in the process of change.

The author of the course is the political scientist and historian Pavel Usov.

  • Very informative and useful. The quality of the presentation is on top. What you are doing for Belarus and its future - there are no words to describe how valuable and important it is ❤️
  • Thank you for a great course! The most valuable for me was the fellowship in a community of "concerned" people and, of course, the opportunity to talk directly to Pavel Usov. All this adds motivation to continue to understand the issues and problems in our politics.

Together: building comfortable relationships in our fellowship

The course is designed for the Belarussian men and women. The lecturer helps to understand how to create confidential atmosphere in a group by overcoming individual psychological problems, using the methods of effective interaction, avoiding and solving conflicts, overcoming difficulties at different stages of development the relations in the group.

The course is held in online and offline formats.

The author of the course is a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience. 

Communication: mastering business interaction 

The course provides you with basic theoretical knowledge about communication, techniques for communication and shaping statements, understanding the nature of communication obstacles and how to evaluate the effectiveness of communication.

The author of the course is Svetlana Matskevich, a methodologist and a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Ancestry: reconstructing your family's history 

Each lesson of the online course is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a genealogy tree. Participants will learn algorithms for building a genealogical tree, tracing relatives' movements through time and space, and conducting "field" research. The author of the course is Igor Stankevich, a journalist and researcher of the family history. 

Сейбіт Прамовы: эффективное публичное выступление

Каждый из нас регулярно взаимодействует с другими людьми, представляя им свои мысли, идеи, а иногда даже пробуя в них убедить. На результат влияет не только суть наших слов, но и то, КАК мы их выражаем.

Курс поможет вам научиться более уверенно презентовать себя и свои идеи, познакомит участников с основами ораторского искусства, тонкостями актерского мастерства и позволит попрактиковаться в них.

Автор курса - aктёр и театральный режиссёр Андрей Савченко

Guests of the Nation of Leaders

Regular voice chats with public figures, interesting personalities with whom participants and recent graduates search for the answer to the question "what to do?"

We have already hosted political scientists, psychologists, methodologists, a social scientist, historian and other public figures.

Podcasts of the talks are available on the Hub's YouTube channel., на SoundCloud, while the abstracts and audio recordings are posted on the Telegram channel.

  • It's very interesting and useful! We look forward to the next lecture! Thank you very much!

Master class

Regular online meetings with experts, educational coaches in different spheres. The concept involves a lecture with a brief introduction to the theory, practical advice and recommendations. As well as workshops, exercises, practical advices and recommendations. For example, on the topics of digital security, sleep hygiene under stress, body clamps, prisoners' rights, communication with those susceptible to propaganda, maintaining one's own health, etc.. The podcasts of the meetings are posted on the Hub's YouTube channel. and SoundCloud

  • Thank you, very useful, up-to-date knowledge! I think my well-being will improve with more practice, thanks to you.

Voice chats with a psychologist

Meetings with psychologists are organized based on the requests of the participants of our chats due to increased anxiety and stress. During the meetings, participants work through difficult psychological issues, gain a better insight into their emotions and, thanks to these conversations, they find it easier to cope with stress related to guilt, anxiety, panic, etc. Our playlist "Psychology" with recordings of the meetings is available on YouTube-channel. and SoundCloud

Голосовые чаты с психологом

  • Thank you! They warm my heart the meetings like this. They help to keep it up.

"Conversations with a psychologist"

A series of short, supportive videos by a psychologist to assist all Belarusians who have experienced and are still going through traumatic events. The videos are available on the Hub's YouTube channel.

  • Such a cozy atmosphere, as if we were next to each other over a cup of tea. Now a lot has become clearer, I will try to follow my reactions to events. Thank you for your support!

Courses that are currently being developed

  • Inner Power. How to overcome learned helplessness and resist manipulation 

The objective of the course is to introduce participants to effective ways of resisting manipulation (in society, social groups, family). The course is structured from learning the mechanisms of learned helplessness to acquiring new behavioral skills to implement them in life. It allows you to understand what influences people's behavior, how to recognize and resist manipulations. As well as to start working on developing new personal qualities that enable you to assert your interests freely, respecting other people's boundaries and using the democratic mechanisms of civil society. 

The author of the course is a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience.